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I've been trying to create test user accounts for the In-App Store stuff. I've never been successful in that. I've sent three support requests for Apple and never gotten any response. I really don't understand why is it so hard to tell me what I'm doing wrong, since clearly it can't be that Apple's whole test user creation thingy would be broken. That would get lots of developers angry. But no, they don't care, even though they'd get more money if I could get the purchasing working.

Second thing is that they rejected my application a couple of times. They said it didn't work. I told them I've tested it with a couple of devices and with the emulator. All work. Surprise surprise! The problem was at their end and suddenly they accepted the application with no changes!

Third problem, and this is a major one, is that they can't get their emails through to me. You know, I submit an app, they reject it, I never get any information about why. When I email them about this, all they can say is "we'll resend the email." They've tried that several times but the emails don't come through.

Now, I could suspect something wrong with my email severs, but here's the thing: they claim to send to two email addresses. They are on different servers. They are on different email server software. And neither show any emails even trying to come from Apple. But still their support emails come through. Strange. Oh, and I've asked them to copy the error information into the support emails, since they come through. Nope, they don't seem to be able to do that.

I've also tried to suggest to them that they could add a section to iTunes Connect where you could check the error information via the web. That way if the emails don't arrive, you can always check it there. But no. That would be too helpful. They can't do that.

And the most idiotic thing at the moment, and the reason I'm writing this: you can't test applications on devices with newer firmware than the SDK supports! Meaning that every time Apple updates iPhone OS, even a minor update, all developers MUST download the 3+GB SDK package, once again. No matter what you're targeting. You can't use the device unless you update.

I have 3.1.2 on my device. My XCode supports up to 3.1.1. My project is set to produce 3.0 binaries. You'd think I could test the application on my device, since 3.1.2 supports 3.0 binaries. But no, that won't do, since XCode doesn't support the firmware. Two choices: downgrade or install a new SDK. So I'm waiting for the download to finish. Nice. And naturally they can't just put up a diff/upgrade package. All 3+GB every time. Great job, Apple.

But then again, this is the case with Apple's updates too. Huge packages that replace the whole thing. A 160MB update just to fix a couple of security flaws in OS X? Is there something they're not telling us or are they just idiots and can't update the actual files that were changed? Also updating Java in Tiger was fun. Update, reboot. Another update, reboot. Another update, reboot. Why the hell couldn't I just install the latest update and be done with it?

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Silence is breathtaking...

mirggi - 08.02.2010 10.16 - mobiili ohjelmointi 

I know, I've been quiet, the certificate is old and the source isn't available. I do apologize. I currently don't even have a machine that would have a working system for compiling mIRGGI, since Carbide sucks, the SDKs suck and Nokia doesn't care about compatibility. You know, the Symbian SDK emulators crash on most people on Win7. It's not like Nokia'd have had time to test them and fix the problems (since they knew they crash on Vista and they barely work on XP). And I'm saying Nokia, because they own Symbian. I'm not letting them use any more of this "it's not our fault, it's Symbian's" stuff.

So I'll try to get the certificate thingy fixed by compiling new versions and the source up somewhere so the interested parties can take a look. Beware: no comments. But that's normal, right?

I'm horribly busy with my studies and stressed out. If you want to cheer me up, send me a plain old postcard. That would be so nice. The address is:

Sami Kuhmonen
Suovatie 18A
FI-01660 Vantaa

But please, no pipe bombs or anything like that. Thanks!

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