N95:n uusi firmware / N95 New Firmware

symbiatch - 29.11.2007 16.48 - mobiili 

Nokia on näköjään julkaissut uuden firmwaren N95:lle, v20.0.015. Tässä versiossa on sanottu olevan nyt on-demand paging, joka parantaa muistinkäsittelyä ja vähentää kulutusta. Jopa vapaan muistin määrä käynnistyksen jälkeen on kuulemma saatu nostettua 18 megasta 30 megaan. Eli nyt vain puolet muistista menee käyttikselle entisen yli 70 prosentin sijaan! Ja ohjelmia ei kuulemma tapeta taustalta niin äkkiä vaan oikeasti voi moniajaa!

Akunkesto on kuulemma parempi, koska uusi versio alikellottaa prosessorin jos mitään erityistä ei tehdä. Erittäin hyvä, tätähän on muissa laitteissa nähty jo pitkään. Ja kamerakin kuulemma toimii heti eikä vartin päästä.

Nämä kaikki "kuulemma" koska juuri vasta huomasin asian enkä ole ehtinyt omaa luuria päivittää. Erittäin innolla kuitenkin odotan josko vihdoinkin luuri oikeasti toimisi.

Nokia seems to have released a new firmware for N95, v20.0.015. This version is said to include on-demand paging, which results in a better memory handling and reduces memory usage. The amount of free memory after boot is increased from 18MB to 30MB. So now only half of the memory goes to the operating system compared to the over 70 percent in the previous firmware. And people have said that applications aren't killed that much, so you can even multitask!

Battery also lasts longer because the new firmware underclocks the CPU when not doing much. Very good, we've seen this before in many devices. And the camera is said to work fast and not after a 15 minute wait.

This all is hearsay since I just noticed this and haven't yet updated my own phone. But I'm very excited, maybe now the N95 will actually work the way it should.

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Version 0.5.1 out

mirggi - 29.11.2007 01.27 - mobiili 

Ok, I finally got the 0.5.1 version out. There was some problem with compiling and getting it to run, but after installing Carbide.c++ 1.3 beta it seems to work just fine.

This one fixes the problem with empty lines (very apparent with im.bitlbee.org), adds support for Slovenian language (thanks Tadej!) and also fixes the previously written lines -buffer.

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Hell Froze Over with Android

symbiatch - 13.11.2007 15.05 - mobiili ohjelmointi 

I actually didn't think I'd see the day when I'd find a system that's worse than Symbian. But yesterday the day came: Google released the first SDK and information about Android. And I can say it's horrible.

The whole "open" system is programmable with Java. Well, we do have JavaME etc, so it's not that big of a deal. Especially if you get more functionality out of it. But wait! It's not really Java! It's Java compiled to Java Bytecode compiled to Google's own bytecode. Great.

The classes available, terminology (Intents, whattaheckarethey?) and coding style is extremely perverted and horrible (yes, that's my opinion, but I've heard other people say so too).

You want to make a user interface? Cool. Write an XML resource and use that. Want to get the object that represents a button? Use findViewById(R.id.buttonid). Want to know when the user clicks on the button? Use an instance of the class OnClickListener and implement a method there and then find a way to tell other classes what's happening and...

What about security? Surely Google has seen what Symbian and others have done and made a nice cool security API? In our dreams. The same "on install time show user what the app wants to do, after that don't care about anything." Cool. So if I get to inject code into the system (in which all applications have the same permissions), you can do whatever you want. Cool. Security by... not enforcing any?

And how about sandboxing applications? Well, since it's Linux running under the UI, let's create separate user accounts for each application! This way applications can't share data. But... I'd like to share data between my applications, how do I do that?

All this is the result of ~30 minutes of checking out the samples and documentation on Google's Android site. But that was enough to ensure me that this is going to be such a mess. But since Google has lots of money, they are getting people to develop apps for Android by offering $10 millions in prizes. Why make a cool platform that really works and solves the problems in current ones, let's just hack something together and use the market hype and pocket change to get the ball rolling, right?

Just go ahead, check the NoteEditor sample from the Android site. See how the onCreate method works. getIntent(), get some URIs, get a note by the highly logical mCursor = managedQuery(mURI, PROJECTION, null, null); call etc. Could you understand this without reading lots of docs first? At least with JavaME, Symbian, Win32API etc you can understand most of the things just by the method, function and class names. But what is managedQuery, what is PROJECTION, what URIs are used and why there are nulls everywhere? (Yes, I know. Java+virtual machine+multiple methods with different parameters calling each other == slow, let's not do those).

Argh. That's all I can say.


Google Released Android

symbiatch - 07.11.2007 22.47 - mobiili 

Google released Android a couple of days ago. Naturally it caused a lot of interest and lots of media space was used. But there's not really that much real information available. Maybe this will change after the SDK is release next week.

I see some problems with this platform. Google says that the platform will be open to all 3rd party developers and all internal applications will be changeable. This means that anyone can make software that will do anything. So where is security? Even though I really dislike Symbian's Platform Security, it still does something for security. At the moment the information that is available for Android doesn't say anything about this.

Also, how much of the system will be open source and can anyone rebuild the operating system? I would think that at least some drivers could (and should) be closed so that not anyone can change e.g. the functionality of the GSM stack. But we'll see when more information is available.

Who will give support if the user installs applications that alter the basic functionality and the phone won't work? How are the default applications restored? Can anyone change everything? Too many open questions.

I personally don't think this will be that big a deal, at least not in the near future. There are only a couple of device manufacturers in the Android camp at the moment and it all depends on the device price and that kind of things how the consumers will see it. The price of operating system license is so low when compared to the device prices today that it will not be a major factor in the market. Also the current systems (Windows Mobile, Symbian etc) are quite modifiable by the manufacturer, so that won't be a big factor either. But reliability, ease of development etc can be a factor.

So I won't be holding my breath, but I'll comment more after the SDK is released and more information is available.


N95 Sensor Demoed

symbiatch - 02.11.2007 10.23 - mobiili ohjelmointi 

Some people have been quite surprised that N95 has a built-in accelerometer. I'm not, I've known that since the first day I got it, since the camera knows in which position it is. However, I wasn't sure if it's 1D, 2D or 3D and how accurate it is.

Now there are some information and demos available of the accelerometer. Unfortunately Nokia hasn't released the whole API (you only get information about one axis, and only 4 values). I hope they will soon. This will enable us to do many cool things with the N95.


Nokia MOSHasi Warnerin ulos / Nokia MOSHed Warner Out

symbiatch - 02.11.2007 10.17 - mobiili 

Nokia ja Warner pitävät neuvotteluja sen jälkeen kun Warned ilmoitti etteivät aio ottaa osaa Nokian tulevaan musiikkikauppaan. Warner pelkää että heidän sisältöään levitetään MOSHin kautta (Nokian sisällönjakopalvelu). Tällä hetkellä MOSHissa on useita tekijänoikeuden suojaamia teoksia jaossa mutta Nokia ei poista niitä ellei oikeudenomistajalta tule pyyntöä. Tällä tavoin heitä ei voi pitää syyllisenä tekijänoikeusrikkomuksiin.

Toisaalta, EMI on pyytänyt että kaikki Beatles-sisältö poistettaisi, mutta mitään ei ole vielä tapahtunut. Joten näkee mitä tulevaisuus tuo tullessaan.

Nokia and Warner are having discussions after Warner announced that they will not be taking part in Nokia's upcoming music store. Warner is concerned that their content will be distributed via MOSH, Nokia's content sharing system. Currently MOSH contains many copyrighted items, but Nokia's legal standing is that they will only remove the content if the copyright holder asks them to. This way they cannot be held liable for any copyright infringements.

On the other hand, EMI has requested that all Beatles content should be removed from MOSH, but it hasn't yet been done. We'll see what happens in the future.


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