Nokia Device With Retina-like Display?

symbiatch - 13.01.2011 19.49 - mobiili 

I haven't noticed if anyone's been talking about some new Nokia devices coming with "retina-like" displays. But that seems to be the case. At least if we're to believe Nokia and their newsletter:

Future Symbian^3 smartphones released by Nokia will include models with non-standard nHD resolution. Your application should be ready to handle touch screens with VGA resolution (640 x 480) at 326 DPI.

Interesting to see what kind of devices they will be. The resolution seems to be quite small though and this means that the display will be 1.7" (if I calculated correctly) 2.45". Veery small indeed.

Also, it's nice that Nokia also talks about their "scalable UI" stuff. Yes, they've been talking about that kind of stuff for years, but I still haven't seen anything from Nokia that would allow people to make UIs to stretch nicely etc. Maybe I just haven't been looking hard enough...

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