CTCP Ping Crash

mirggi - 20.07.2009 11.01 - mobiili ohjelmointi 

Those of you that get crashes with CTCP Pings, please send a comment with the device you're using, the version of mIRGGI, name and version of the client you use to ping and if it always crashes.

I haven't gotten the crash to happen so this would help me find the exact cause.

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Version 0.63 out!

mirggi - 06.07.2009 14.34 - mobiili ohjelmointi 

Ok, it's out. Sorry it took so long, but now the settings work again.

BTW, you can always get the previous version of mirggi using one of these URLs (just change the version number to what you want):

  • http://mirggi.net/mIRGGI_060.sisx
  • http://mirggi.net/mIRGGI_5th_060.sisx
  • http://mirggi.net/mIRGGI_2nd_060.sis
  • http://mirggi.net/mIRGGI_2nd2_060.sis

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Version 0.63 coming

mirggi - 06.07.2009 13.41 - mobiili ohjelmointi 

I finally have time to address the problem with 0.62 not working if it is installed on a clean phone without settings. Hopefully I'll have a working version out within the hour at the latest.

Update: Problem found, compiling new version and uploading...

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